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So What is Travel. Shop. Life?

Well, it's a curated email delivered directly to your inbox, (and I refuse to spam, promise) chatting about even more stuff we love not found on  Travel. Shop. Life. in a collection of my favorite finds, latest obsessions, and really amazing giveaways! GIVEAWAYS PEOPLE!

I will dish on everything I love including all types of people, places, and things, that have amazing connections with travel, style, culinary adventures, my latest obsessions: playlists music, books, and of course...pop culture, duh!

Oh, So Fancy...

Trust me, we love nice things, but we sure do make sure to celebrate by embracing every moment.

I pinky swear promise, you are not going to want to miss all the fabulous finds that I've saved purposely for the launch of the Travel. Shop. Life. newsletter. Enter your email because I promise, you are not going to want to miss a thing. Including really great giveaways and holiday gift guides you will flip for.

Nicole Standley
a.k.a JetSet Mom

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